Elsewhere: The Coup in Song, Maloney Belittled

State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. will address the League of United Latino American Citizens on Saturday.

Here’s a video of his ideal solution.

Casey Seiler, the Times Union’s team leader for government and democracy, managed to make this musical rendition of the coup while keeping his day job.

State senators went home.

Jake Tapper asks an Obama spokesman if they think Carolyn Maloney is a “terrific” candidate for Senate, and gets laughed at.

 “It’s really a shame that Maloney has evidently chosen to end her political career,” by attacking Gillibrand, writes Devtob, on Daily Kos.

Dan Janison rounds up the latest Gillibrand primary news.

Monroe County hired an outside attorney to look into the Robutrad scandal. 

Richard Simmons did not endorse Tony Avella.

This Queens blog agrees with Avella about a local candidate being “unfit” for office.

Courtney Gross has the straight news of the Gotbaum-Quinn fight today.

Josh Silverstein sides with Gotbaum.

Bill Donohue, blah blah blah.

The National based in Abu Dhabi (and home to New York refugees Bradley Hope and Keah Hagey) picks up on Coney Island news.

A socialist paper has a critical view of the city’s budget.

This article has a way of putting Michael Bloomberg on a list with “David Byrne, Gwen Stefani, LL Cool J, Grand Puba, Akon,” and “Judge Judy.”

Marty Markowitz endorsed David Yassky for comptroller.

George Pataki is helping Dan Schorr raise money to be Westchester’s D.A.

An Albany judge was charged with DWAI.

Elsewhere: The Coup in Song, Maloney Belittled