Emma Bloomberg Campaigns

Here’s Michael Bloomberg’s daughter, Emma, speaking at a “Women for Bloomberg” rally yesterday at John Jay College. The event featured Whoopi Goldberg.

Emma delivered a pretty funny opening speech. “God, it’s great to be here. And I say that not only as a founding member of ‘Women for Bloomberg’ but as a charter member of a slightly smaller group, ‘Bloombergs for Bloomberg.’”

She also spoke about how her dad announced his first mayoral bid eight years ago, during a speech at her college graduation.

“While my friends were taking their diplomas and their parents and their grandparents to the street for a celebratory lunch, my family was having a small press conference. You know, there weren’t that many reporters there. I think that was sort of the plan: start your campaign small, don’t come on too strong too fast. You know, sort of like this year.”

The event was billed by the Bloomberg campaign as a forum where people could ask Bloomberg questions. Two chairs for Bloomberg and Goldberg were set up on stage, surrounded by dozens of women, making it look like a talk show with a live audience. In the lobby, there were boxes for attendees to submit written questions.

But the event was criticized by a spokesperson for Bill Thompson. The spokesperson, Anne Fenton, said that the event, “like the TV ads and mass mailings, is another example of Mike Bloomberg’s refusal to have a conversation with voters.”

The AP reported that a Bloomberg spokeswoman defended the event by saying it wasn’t invitation-only, since the people invited could bring guests.

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