It’s Business, Bro! CNBC’s Latest Dude-Friendly Documentary Focuses On NASCAR

How do you cater documentary programming to a male-skewing demographic?

Look no further than CNBC.

Not long ago, we read a piece in USA Today that pointed out how NBC Universal was targeting its Olympics coverage to various channel’s specific demographic bases. For example, female-skewing Oxygen was carrying equestrian events while male-skewing CNBC was carrying, say, boxing.

We were reminded of that today, when CNBC announced its latest documentary programming.  On July 9th, CNBC will premiere a new special called “Inside Track: Refueling the Business of NASCAR,” in which CNBC sports-business reporter Darren Rovell will offer an in-depth look at the struggles facing that great pastime of the hot-blooded American male, NASCAR.

A brief scan through our email inbox turned up these recent and upcoming CNBC specials:

–“Porn: the Business of Pleasure.”

–“CNBC Reports: Live from the U.S. Open”

–“Run for the Roses: The Kentucky Derby and the Business of Horse Racing.”

Not to mention these CNBC documentaries from the not too distant past:

–“Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time”

–“Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry”

“Dirty Money: The Business of High End Prostitution”

NASCAR, porn, golf, horse racing, ultimate fighting, prostitution, and weed….Eat your heart out, Spike TV!