Marisa Lago, Paterson’s Development Chief, Quits

Marisa Lago, the state’s top economic development official since August 2008, is resigning from her post, according to multiple people informed of the decision, adding to a growing number of top aides to leave the Paterson administration.

As CEO of the Empire State Development Corporation, her departure adds to the turmoil at an agency that has seen its fair share in recent years. The agency, which oversees incentive programs statewide and large-scale development projects in New York City, has been rocked by infighting, both between Ms. Lago and ESDC chairman Bob Wilmers, and among top Spitzer administration officials as well. (Much more on the disorder at ESDC in an article I wrote a few weeks back).

According to multiple people who have talked with Ms. Lago directly, she has expressed unhappiness in the position, perhaps in part because she did not have as strong a connection with the governor or his top aides as did previous officials in that post.

Her resignation comes after numerous other top officials have left: Eric Dinallo, insurance superintendent just left, as did budget director Laura Anglin.