Morning Read: Bloomberg and Rangel Disagree, Democratic Primaries in 2010?

Anthony Weiner said Bill Thompson can win this year’s mayor’s race because “this town loves an underdog.”

Democratic Representative Gary Ackerman is endorsing Michael Bloomberg.

Here’s more on Andrew Cuomo’s comments about the benefits of primaries.

Dan Janison says Kirsten Gillibrand plays the gender card.

The Daily News reports that three quarters of City Council members have gotten campaign contributions from employees or board members of nonprofit groups funded with public money.

In terms of federal stimulus funding, New York State has gotten $17.62 per resident.

Bloomberg does not agree with Rangel’s remark about needing identification in Harlem.

The New York Post described Bloomberg as “livid” over Rangel’s remark.

Bill Thompson disagreed with Bloomberg, and said race was a factor in the police fatality.

An NYPD spokesman said they’re replacing a regularly scheduled training about courtroom testimony with “confrontation training.”

In an op-ed, Elliot Sander writes that if “politicians continue to run against the M.T.A., their rhetoric may become self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Public-school math scores are up by double digits, insiders tell Carl Campanile and Yoav Gonen.

The achievement gap in schools is declining.

The mayoral control school bus goes to Staten Island.

Graduation rates may be rising, but that may be deceiving, writes a public school teacher in an op-ed.

The head of the city Administration for Child Services is under fire.

Redistricting could carve up Peter King’s seat on Long Island.

David Seifman discusses the city’s plan to create public toilets.

John Faso is interested in running the state Republican Party [second item].

A judge said it was legal for the current mayor of Mount Vernon to terminate the outside investigation of a lawyer (Ravi Batra!) appointed by his predecessor before the primary.

Rick Brand explains a political fight in Islip.

Ramapo Democrats began campaigning, with a kick-off event and nearly an hour of speeches.

E.J. McMahon says the state pension problem is worse than you think.

There are 170 Eastchester School District employees who earned more than $100,000 last year.

Yoda says Bloomberg’s comment Thursday about the reason for extending term limits could be used again four years from now.

Mole33 tries rallying Kos readers to support Josh Skaller, Norman Siegel, John Liu and Jo Anne Simon.

A Connecticut newspaper tries outsourcing an edition to India.


Morning Read: Bloomberg and Rangel Disagree, Democratic Primaries in 2010?