Morning Read: Funding a Hevesi, Challenging a Senator

Carolyn McCarthy said she won’t run against Kirsten Gillibrand, citing personal reasons.

Tom Brune called it an “off-handed announcement.”

“Clearly, pressure to not challenge Gillibrand is coming from the very top,” writes Chris Bowers.

Gillibrand hung out with John Liu.

Senate Guru thinks an early campaign announcement from Carolyn Maloney could help get other colleagues to support her, but, if she stumbles, it could all backfire.

Steve Israel may back an opponent to Gillibrand.

Sarah Palin will be in Purchase on Sunday.

Michael Bloomberg’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, joined the board of an organization that helps philanthropists decided where to give their money.

Gary Ackerman and Joe Crowley are fighting plans for a garbage site next to LaGuardia Airport.

In Andrew Hevesi’s 2005 special election, three of his biggest donors “received money from the State’s Pension Fund, which Hevesi’s father, Alan, was overseeing at the time as the State’s Comptroller,” writes Joseph Orovic.

One reader is not impressed with the State Republican Party’s master plan.

Danny Dromm and other same-sex advocates hope their parade in Queens on Sunday pressures three state senators into supporting the legislation.

Joel Klein and Dennis Walcott don’t want fixed terms for education policy board members.

NY1 has more on that here.

A Washington Heights charter school will pay their teachers $125,000.

The police department “is far from the trigger-happy crew that some would have everyone believe,” Clyde Haberman writes.

Frank Gehry’s design was dropped from the Atlantic Yards Project.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio is pushing really hard for a watered-down sex-abuse bill in Albany (and some say he may get it, thanks to a deal with Vito Lopez).

Frank Padavan is calling for an investigation of a lobbying and consulting firm that worked against him in a campaign.

The father-and-son county executive race in Westchester is heating up.

Paul Schindler writes about a very active Christine Quinn.

Here’s more on Alan Gerson’s political woes.

Downtown Express looks at one of Gerson’s foes, PJ Kim.

Willow Belden has an eye on the 395 civilian jobs the NYPD may cut.

John Choe officially announced his candidacy for the 20th Council District on Monday and promptly won the endorsement of the Queens County Democratic Organization the next day,” writes Vladic Ravich.

Ravi Batra may or may not get paid.

The Dock Street Project passed a Council committee yesterday, with Eric Gioia, David Yassky and Tony Avella voting against it.

Scoopy’s Notebook remembers Sonia Sotomayor’s early days.

The New York Times editorial board wants Paterson to sign Andrew Cuomo’s bill.

And here’s video of Michael Bloomberg from December not saying whether  Carolyn Maloney is more or less qualified to be a senator than Caroline Kennedy.

Morning Read: Funding a Hevesi, Challenging a Senator