Oh, Zoe! Packing ’Em in Over at Meatpacking, Griffin Opens Arms to Leo, Kate H., Stylist Rachel

Open less than two months in the former PM space at 50 Gansevoort, the nightclub Griffin is welcoming famous people!

Actress Rachel McAdams has stopped in (without Josh Lucas), and so has Leo DiCaprio, also notably solo. Stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Kate Hudson were spotted sipping Champagne, a blur of blond hair dancing on blue-velvet banquettes. Designer Charlotte Ronson has been there for some late-night dancing with her boyfriend, and celeb DJs Will.I.Am, Nick Cannon and Little Louie Vega have all spun at the club, which features crystal chandeliers and metallic-detailed mirrored walls that interior designer Marc Dizon of Lews & Dizon pantingly called “a hybrid modern-day marriage of Steam Punk–cum–Age of Innocence salon.” 

“People always envision celebrities to only want to be in this very exclusive environment,” said co-owner Adam Hock. “I think it’s contrary to that. … It’s almost like they want to mix with the general public. It’s not this exclusive velvet-rope scenario anymore.”

Recession-minded details include larger-than-average cocktails. “It’s not five years ago, so if you’re going to charge a customer a significant cost for a cocktail, you have to give them value for that,” Mr. Hock said. “It’s only fair.”

Co-owner Chris Reda (of Room Service) says the locals love the club. “We’re getting a really good response from the neighborhood.” This could be due to the space’s soundproof insulation—the two men describe it as “a box inside a box”—to keep the noise from bothering the neighbors.