Senator Working Mom Keeps Working

Earlier today, Kirsten Gillibrand announced yet another family-friendly legislative proposal, this time to reduce the costs of child care for New York families.

“The bottom line is that day care and early childhood education is very expensive,” she said. 

The call introduced a six-part plan, part of which has been introduced by some of her colleagues and part which is original,  to make child care better, more affordable and closer to home. 

 “I am co-sponsoring Senator Barbara Boxer’s bill called the ‘right start act’ , and what it does is increase the dependent child care tax credit to $6,000, reflecting inflation of the rising cost of child care.”

Another part of the plan was, according to the release, meant to to “Incentivize Businesses to Provide Home Telecommunications.”

During the call, Gillibrand, who has recently noted that she is “the first woman to be nursing while a senator in the history of America,” didn’t  didn’t waste any time evoking her post-Paterson-selection “Senator Working Mom” persona.

In just a few minutes she mentioned the word “families” more than ten times, said “parents have to work,” talked about “my children” and said she could “share that feeling of many, many parents” of wanting to have their children close to them.

Senator Working Mom Keeps Working