Webby Wenceslas Rodger Berman Says It’s All About ‘Them’

“They’re like my children, I can’t pick a favorite,” said Rodger Berman, president of Recognition Media, who left Bravo’s princess of celebrity style Rachel Zoe at home, but had no shortage of pretty ladies fluttering about him at tonight’s Internet Week Kick-Off party sponsored by YouTube, the Webby Awards and the Observer last night at the Puck Building. Flanked by Kristin Kovner, who works on industry marketing for YouTube and Fox News correspondent Courtney Friel, Mr. Berman was, actually, referring to all the “off the hook” Internet Week events (he serves on the fest’s executive council) and insisted, “You’re talking to the wrong guy! It’s all about them, actually,” nodding toward YouTube’s Ms. Kovner.

But as a producer of the Webby Awards, Mr. Berman admitted he was looking forward to the gala on June 8, next Monday night, which will honor Web geeks from Late Night‘s Jimmy Fallon to Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor to Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman. Mr. Berman said he was looking forward to seeing SNL funny guy Seth Meyers as MC, although perhaps he is less silly in person than he seems on screen. You’ve met him? The Observer asked. “He’s very smart, very polished,” he said. So no Eminem/Sacha Baron Cohen type “stunts” at the ceremony, eh, Mr. Berman? Bummer.