Alesi’s Campaign Ride

ALBANY–State Senator Jim Alesi spent $18,750 of his campaign fund toward the (entirely legal) purchase of a Cadillac, a review of campaign records shows.
Alesi said he purchased the car–a 2009 DTS “basic Cadillac”–earlier this year and expensed about 35 percent of the total cost, which was “around $50,000.”
“I’ve always driven a Cadillac,” Alesi, whose district encompasses suburban Rochester, told me by phone. “I think it’s worth emphasizing that this is not taxpayers’ money. This is not public money. These are private funds that are subject to public scrutiny.”
“Some members take mileage, which is really a pain from the standpoint of keeping records of where you go and when you go to a committee meeting or something relating to your campaign,” Alesi explained. “Some members outright lease vehicles, and there are members that buy vehicles for some more.”