Aunt Mabel Suggests…

Ever notice that the most-emailed list is slanted toward an older demographic? Maybe because only folks over a certain age—like our Aunt Mabel—still use the email tool. Here’s a quick, annotated guide to what grandma and grandpa thought you might be interested in from …

1. Problems with the nuns! A religious strife story that lands on A1.

2. Burgers! Again.

3. When we saw this story appear sometime around midnight last night on, we knew Auntie would be a fan. Student debt + lawyers. Plus, a bonafide sob story.

4. Is Aunt Mabel a closeted Canadian? You know, they do lurk! The secret Canadians persist on the list.

5. Maureen Dowd just won’t go away.

6. Just a headline for you: Is Bicycling Bad for Your Bones?

7. No more Percocet and Vicodin!

8. The Olds and medicine.

9. Master’s Degrees, student debt, etc.

10. Kristof.

Final Tally:
Health: 3
Op-Ed Contributors: 3
Columnists: 2
Education: 1
Religion: 1
Food: 1
Money: 1

(Note: This was a tricky day in adding things up. We credited the master’s degree story as a point for both op-ed contributors and for Education, as we did yesterday. We credited the geriatric medical practice story as both an op-ed contributor and health story).

14-Day Total:
Columnists: 30
Health: 30
Travel: 8
Op-Ed contributors: 11
Money: 7
Technology: 5
Food: 5
Education: 5


Aunt Mabel Suggests…