Bloomberg Freezes Hiring, Blames Senate

Michael Bloomberg is ordering a hiring freeze for the city, in response to the State Senate’s inaction, which the mayor said has already cost the city $60 million.

The hiring freeze includes 250 police recruits sent to enter the academy this week, along with:

150 firefighters

151 traffic agents

34 emergency 911 operators

175 school safety agents

150 school crossing guards

90 emergency medical technicians

20 311 operators

“I urge Senators in both parties to put aside their political differences and approve the City’s revenue plan so we can move forward with providing the core services that New Yorkers rely on,” Bloomberg said in a public statement.

The mayor also called on the city budget office to renew all contracts, including agreements with “the entire universe of City contracts with independent agencies that provide services to the public.”

Bloomberg Freezes Hiring, Blames Senate