Comptroller Candidates Split on Joel Klein, Agree (Mostly) on Member Items

Last night, Democratic mayoral candidate called for Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to be fired.
But at a debate in midtown this morning, the four Democrats running to replace Thompson as city comptroller were split on whether to oust Klein. (Thompson called yesterday for Klein to be fired.)
While David Weprin and John Liu both called for Klein’s removal, David Yassky said “absolutely not,” while Melinda Katz’s nuanced answer left the debate moderator to categorize her as a “no comment.” After the event, she told me she would not remove Klein now, saying that other, more important changes are needed.
Also worth noting was the slight bit of education criticism from Yassky, who is generally considered an ally of Bloomberg and even employs one of his political consultants, Josh Isay of Knickerbocker SKD.