Drudge Report Links: CNN Tops Fox News and MSNBC

drudge Drudge Report Links: CNN Tops Fox News and MSNBCToday, Kalev Leetaru of the University of Illinois published the results of an extensive study of the Drudge Report‘s tens of thousands of page updates between January 2002 and December 2008.

Among his findings, Mr. Leetaru reports that over the past seven years the Drudge Report has linked to 103,472 stories and 2744 domains. “The domain with the highest number of links is indeed breitbart.com, with 14.4 percent of all links during this period,” he writes.

The only TV news network web site that cracked the top ten most linked sites was cnn.com, which received 1408 links on the Drudge Report during the study’s time period, making it the ninth most commonly linked news source.

How did the web sites of the other TV news networks stack up?

Mr. Leetaru’s findings:

# 9….cnn.com….1408 links

#32….foxnews.com….540 links

#39….cbsnews.com….417 links

#47….abcnews.com….301 links

#60….wnbc.com….194 links


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