Elsewhere: Albany Still a Mess, Garodnick Raises His Profile

Here’s a highlight video of Michael Bloomberg’s notable press conference moments.

Albany actually could get less amicable. Liz says Paterson will take a page from Spitzer’s playbook and travel the state bashing lawmakers.

Irene Liu doubts this resolution will go anywhere tomorrow.

Larry Silverstein is going to arbitration.

Steve Israel likes to talk online, but not as much as he likes to talk on the House floor.

Taegan Goddard goes over the dispute about the meaning of Bill Clinton’s fund-raiser with Carolyn Maloney.

The guy at BloombergWatch.com thinks the WFP will come aboard.

Josh Silverstein reads Len Levitt, and is more outraged at Bloomberg than before.

Michael Gianaris goes on NY1 tonight.

Jon Corzine’s defense of American-made flags may be a sign of bad polling, says Ben.

Dan Garodnick raises his profile, writing on HuffPo about solar energy.

Here’s more on John Liu and the people who hate him.

Katharine Weymouth’s apology on behalf of the Washington Post is not easy to understand.

Rock Hackshaw has his own Web site.

And above is Howard Wolfson, during last week’s mayoral forum hosted by the Working Families Party.

Elsewhere: Albany Still a Mess, Garodnick Raises His Profile