Elsewhere: ‘It’s Raining’

Carolyn Maloney didn’t notice that the lights had changed, says a TPMCafe essayist.

Liz Krueger’s comments about Maloney’s congressional seat get noticed.

Geraldine Ferraro endorsed Leslie Crocker Snyder, and said it’s “very important for little girls to be able to say, ‘I want to be a lawyer,’ and then say, ‘I want to be D.A. just like Leslie Crocker Snyder.'”

John Sampson went on Brian Lehrer to explain his stance on mayoral control.

Toby Stavisky says it’s time to unleash the rainy day funds.

Michael Bloomberg once wrote a letter of recommendation for Mark Madoff, son of Bernie Madoff.

Joe Pompeo has more on Bloomberg’s plan to save the media.

Washington is literally slowing down because of the Michael Jackson funeral.

Ben Smith sees a road back to relevancy for George Allen, starting with his new book.

And here’s video of Richard Aborn collecting signatures in Harlem.

Elsewhere: ‘It’s Raining’