Extell’s Hudson Square Ambitions

Will it never end?

Just yesterday, The Observer reported yet another Extell building plan submitted to the city for approval, in that case for a 24-story, 175-unit hotel at 30 West 46th Street. And that was just the latest in a flurry of Extell applications for everything from a hotel at the site of the Antiques Garage to condos at 147 West 21st Street .

Forgive us for speculating, but we may possibly have bureaucracy, of all things, to thank for these revelations. Extell might have wanted to file its various plans before July 1 (today), when the city’s new, more arduous building code officially went into effect.

Be that as it may, we have yet another Extell project to report: On June 30, Raizy Haas, Extell’s lady in charge of project management and development, filed plans for a 35-story, 180,000-square-foot hotel at 68 Charlton Street, between Hudson and Varick. Ms. Haas filed the plans on behalf of “Charlton SoHo LLC,” which has the same address and phone number as Extell’s Third Avenue offices.

The plans call for a pool in the basement; a first-floor “eating and drinking establishment”; hotel rooms on floors four through 34; and yet another “eating and drinking establishment” on the 35th floor.

Extell appears to have hired the Chicago-based Lucien Lagrance Architects for the job.

No comment from Extell by press time.


Extell’s Hudson Square Ambitions