How to become your own food stylist, fast

We know that fast food is bad for you, though most of us can admit to it tasting pretty good under the right circumstances. (See: road trips, airports, late nights, etc.) Gourmet, however, it isn’t. But wait! The clever site Fancy Fast Food takes our favorite drive-in orders and whips them into dishes any aspiring foodie might be proud to serve—all without adding a single ingredient.

Site creator Erik Trinidad offers humorous and careful instructions, alongside handsome photographs, as to how you too can give your guilty pleasures a sophisticated makeover: Popeye’s Chicken becomes spicy chicken sushi, Kentucky Fried Chicken is transformed into enticing corn chowder, and Taco Bell’s Burrito Supreme is reconstructed into tortellini. (Trinidad suggests serving with Sierra Mist in a wine glass.) Of course, none of this makes any of these dishes healthier, but as the site’s tag line says, “Yeah, it’s still bad for you—but see how good it can look!”

(And yes, the inevitable book deal is already in the works.)

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