Flight or Fright TV: Lester Holt and MSNBC Present Documentary on (Gulp) Why Planes Crash

This coming Sunday at 10 p.m., MSNBC will be airing an original, hour-long documentary, called Why Planes Crash: Brace For Impact, in which Lester Holt will investigate the myriad reasons—bird strikes, hijackings, running out of fuel, mechanical problems, engine failure, etc.—that result in pilots ditching their planes in frozen rivers and such.

As we recently noted, among the NBC Universal news channels, CNBC had become the reliable place to find documentaries about testosterone-friendly subjects, from pornography to golf to car racing.

MSNBC’s documentary offerings, on the other hand, tend to run the gamut from disturbing (Caught on Camera: Teens Gone Wild) to the scary (Robert Kleasen and the Gruesome 1974 Murders) to the please-God-never-let-me-end-up-there (Lockup: Indiana State—The Brotherhood).

The upcoming crash-a-palooza doc promises to be no less anxiety boosting.

While the prospect of seeing Mr. Holt try and crash-land a plane in a flight simulator sounds perfectly delightful, the documentary also promises to serve up footage of “the most devastating ditching ever caught on camera—a Boeing 767 that is violently hijacked and forced into the ocean.”

Um, more Xanax, please.