Golden: Blame Democrats for Fewer Cops

ALBANY—I just asked State Senator Marty Golden, a Brooklyn Republican and former police officer, whether he feels at all responsible for a hiring freeze in New York City that will stall a class of 250 police cadets. He spun.

“You’d think that would spur the Democrats to want to broker a deal here, and to legitimate a vote that was taken here. We live in a democracy–maybe that’s where they should start looking at democracy and where a vote was taken,” Golden said, putting his arm on my shoulder as he spoke. I noted that Michael Bloomberg, in announcing the freeze, was non-partisan as he blamed dithering by all state senators.

“We’ve been trying to put this together, and we just see that the Democrats are unwilling to do that,” he replied. “They’re all over the place. I think you’ll start to see, I believe, a coming together very shortly in this dilemma here in the state capitol and a coming together of the senate.”

I asked if Bloomberg’s action was justified.

“I can’t speak to the mayor,” he replied. “You can’t spend if you don’t have the dollars.”

And cops? Should they be on the block?

“The answer is we should be putting cops on the street especially when you see the legislation–the egregious legislation–the Democrats passed that will put more criminals on the street. So to put more criminals on the street you need more cops to protect our families and our city.”

Golden: Blame Democrats for Fewer Cops