Helen Marshall, Democrat Who Happens to Like Bloomberg

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall appointed a Bloomberg aide to serve as her representative on the new Board of Education.

It’s the latest sign of the how close Marshall is to Bloomberg. In March, Marshall said Bloomberg would win Queens, and that he should have sought the Democratic nomination.

I asked Marshall today if appointing Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott to the Board of Education was a precursor to an endorsement later.

No, she said, in a quick chat on the bench outside Room 9 in City Hall. Then, Marshall said, “The mayor wanted me to endorse him” in 2005. “He didn’t ask me this time, but he asked me last time. He worked really hard to get it last time.” Marshall said Bloomberg “sent people to my office,” but ultimately, she did not endorse him.

I asked if she was disappointed in any way that he didn’t ask for her endorsement this year.

“No, no,” she said. “It would be wrong to ask me again.”

Marshall said Democrats endorsed Bill Thompson and his name is on the petitions her supporters are carrying in Queens.

“I’m a Democrat, honey,” she explained, patiently.

Helen Marshall, Democrat Who Happens to Like Bloomberg