Hugh Carey Makes the Ravitch-Is-Awesome Argument

ALBANY—Lawyers for David Paterson and Senator Dean Skelos are due back in court Thursday to argue the constitutionality of Richard Ravitch’s appointment earlier this month as lieutenant governor.

On Monday, the Paterson lawyers filed several documents in support of their case, including the above affidavit from former governor Hugh Carey. The crux of it is: You should uphold Richard Ravitch’s appointment because Richard Ravitch is great.

“It is simply intolerable that the Senate would harbor the prospect of a successor to the Governor being someone hostile to his governmental objectives, someone who would have conflicting loyalties, and someone who would seek political advantage rather than combined effort,” the affidavit states. “Governor Paterson has appointed a stellar and dedicated public servant to aid him and the State in confronting a dire threat. He is the ideal person to share the governor’s confidences and confidential information.”

Carey speaks of the qualities in Ravitch which helped him in 1975, as he dealt with another fiscal crisis. He called him, as Paterson has, an “asset.”