It’s a Nice Day for a Weiner Wedding!

On Sunday, July 12, Anthony Weiner was at Columbus Circle to talk to the press about $23 million in federal money he got to fight the Asian longhorned beetle. What he got in return was a barrage of questions about his newly announced engagement to Hillary Clinton’s glamorous, soft-spoken body person, Huma Abedin.

Mr. Weiner, who normally is playful and combative and talkative, maybe to a fault, wasn’t.

Reporter: Please, tell us about the engagement.
Weiner: What would you like to know?
Reporter: How’d you do it? On one knee?
Weiner: I understand why you have to ask, but, you know, some things we’re going to try to keep private.
Reporter: Well, we want to congratulate you.
Weiner: Thank you.
Reporter: Congratulations. When was it?
Weiner: It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
Reporter: So, you left a parade, came home …
Weiner: I don’t remember if I left a parade or not. But it was definitely the most important thing on my schedule that day.
Reporter: And how do you feel now about it?
Weiner: I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled and more than a little bit surprised, as are most of the people who know us both.
Reporter: When is the wedding?
Weiner: We don’t know.
Reporter: You know what kind of wedding it will be? Jewish? Muslim?
Weiner: We don’t know. We haven’t really discussed that.
Reporter: What was the arrangement? Did you propose? Did she propose?
Weiner: It was traditional in that I proposed.
Reporter: Is there a ring?
Weiner: There is a ring.
Reporter: O.K. Can you describe the ring?
Weiner: I’m not really good at that. I don’t know how to describe such things.
Reporter: Did you get on one knee?
Weiner: I don’t want to go into the details of how it happened. [inaudible] She’s not as public a person as I am, so I hope you appreciate there are some details we want to keep private.
Reporter: Did you then call your parents? What was the sequence? Did she propose? Go out to dinner?
Weiner: The ticktock of how it went down, we’re going to keep private.
Reporter: You’ve talked about your mom plenty of times at press conferences. You’ve made reference to your house, and how she wants you to get married. How is your mom feeling? How is your family feeling?
Weiner: They’re thrilled. We’re all thrilled.
Reporter: And you don’t know exactly when it’s going to take place? Will it be in New York?
Weiner: Don’t know.
Reporter: Statue of Liberty, maybe?
Weiner: All right, thank you.