Laurel Touby Buys $3.9 M. Penthouse Loft

After selling her Web site for $23 million, Laurel Touby told The Times that she had somewhere between $9 million to $11 million in her bank account after taxes. “I had all kinds of illusions about how far the money would go and what I would enjoy, but they’re not true,” The Times quoted her saying. “I thought, ‘O.K., a car and driver and a new apartment and a whole new life.’ In fact, I can only afford two out of three.”

So Ms. Touby either has a car and a driver but not a whole new life, or a whole new life but no car and driver: According to city records, she just closed on a $3,905,000 penthouse loft at 43 East 19th Street. According to a listing, the 4,100-square-foot full-floor loft, in a 101-year-old limestone building, has four-sided views, three “grand Egg & Dart columns,” three bedrooms, and “sole recreational use of the roof.”

She did not return an email, but earlier this month she tweeted, “closing on NEW apartment tomorrow!! I have to say, this is almost better than my wedding day, ‘cuz I get to wear jeans.”

Her new penthouse is a few steps away from the West 18th Street apartment that Atoosa Rubenstein bought for $3.05 million in 2007, after leaving her Seventeen editorship. “It’s going to be a salon,” she said then. “I hope my apartment can be a place that Alpha Kitties, men and women who are interesting in New York, will want to come by, shoot videos together, and just hang out, figure out how to do interesting things together.”