Liz Krueger on the Maloney Seat: It Beats Working in Albany

ALBANY—With an official announcement imminent from Representative Carolyn Maloney about her intention to run a primary against Kirsten Gillibrand, I asked State Senator Liz Krueger if she would seek Maloney’s House seat.

“I’ve never been in Congress so I don’t know if it’s less frustrating,{” she told me yesterday. “But I suspect pretty much any job in the United States of America would be less frustrating than Albany in the last three weeks.” “It’s a long time, I think, before we will have any closure on her finalizing the decision not to run for her seat. A number of people have suggested I consider running, as they have suggested quite a few of my other colleagues in the Congressional district who are already in elected office. I will keep an open mind, have never thought about running for Congress, but I will say that I think the other people being considered are also very talented elected officials, and so my hope is that however this works out, everybody stays friends and mutually respects each other.”

Krueger said Maloney told her she was going to run, and that “I support my congresswoman in anything she chooses to do.”

“I’m not at the point where I make decisions about endorsements, its still very early in the process, but she’s an extraordinarily talented congresswoman,” Krueger said. “You know, I ran a primary my first election before I ran and then lost, and then ran and won. So I do believe in primaries as part of the democratic process. And she has every right to run for the U.S. Senate.”