Mayoral Candidates Have the W.F.P. Questions for the W.F.P. Forum

Tomorrow, the Working Families Party is hosting the first forum with all three leading mayoral candidates: Michael Bloomberg, Tony Avella and Bill Thompson, who will answer questions from “W.F.P. members who are affected by the issues,” said a spokesman, Dan Levitan.

The forum organizers shared the questions with each the candidates yesterday, Levitan said, but he added that the questions were “not negotiated.”

Levitan said handing out the questions was a way getting the candidates “to give serious answers” and “to really drill down to these issues.” He said he thinks that other formats make the participants “more likely to fall back on their standard talking points.”

The three candidates that will be there are the ones deemed viable by the W.F.P.’s grass-roots leaders. It leaves out other candidates, like the Green Party’s Bill Talen. A spokesman for Talen left me a message saying, “They just refuse to acknowledge and refuse to include him.”

The event is happening on 44th Street at 5:30 tomorrow, and is being streamed live online here.