Meghan McCain Visits New Museum Party

On Tuesday, June 30, a young woman in what looked like an off-the-shoulder slinky black jumpsuit and tall patent leather heels drifted into a party at the New Museum celebrating “The Generation: Younger Than Jesus,” the triennial exhibit featuring 50 international artists under the age of 33 that ended on Sunday, July 5.

Other guests thought she was “nice” and “pretty” and “friendly.” Then someone pointed out that the peroxide blonde in question, who was also wearing a fringed silver belt and gold hoop earrings, was Meghan McCain, the feisty blogger and daughter of former Republic presidential candidate John McCain.

“It was a bit random,” a rep for the museum remarked. “She seemed to arrive with EA Hanks (Tom Hanks‘s daughter). So perhaps they are friends!”

Ms. Hanks, the former associate news editor at the Huffington Post who is currently at work on her first novel, was one of the hosts of the party, along with designer Charlotte Ronson, designer Marc Jacobs‘s fiance, Lorenzo Martone, and artist Nate Lowman.

“My friend Jarrett Gregory, a fellow alumnae from Vassar, was kind enough to invite me, which was delightful–if only because I claimed territory on the roof near people obviously way hipper than myself and enjoyed that bright round shiny thing that appeared in the sky briefly,” Ms. Hanks told the Transom via email.  “Jarrett works at the New Museum and apparently forgot that I have no cultural draw or social importance whatsoever. I do however enjoy a nice white wine spritzer.” (Ms. Gregory is a curatorial assistant at the museum.) 

“And yes, I did bring Meghan–as evidenced by the horrible photo on Patrick McMullan–though Meghan came out faring far better,” added Ms. Hanks.

Scott Buccheit of the agency ArtWing observed Ms. McCain shaking hands and being “very animated” from across the room.

“She was kind of surrounded by people,” Mr. Buccheit said. “It seemed like people were trying to make a beeline to go and talk to her. I thought it was odd, but then I thought, ‘Ah, she’s just trying to get a bit of publicity like everybody else.’ I was surprised people even knew who she was! I watched her the night before on Bill Maher so I recognized her right away, but I didn’t talk to her and didn’t really have a desire to, to tell you the truth.”

Designer Brian Wolk of Ruffian was also surprised to learn of her attendance.

“I didn’t even know she was there!” he said by phone. “But you know, it’s a museum party, so anyone who is supporting the arts, regardless of their political association, we’re thrilled to have. That’s why we love art and fashion—anyone can wear clothing!”

A rep for Ms. McCain confirmed that her client was there (and insisted she was wearing jeans, though it really looks like a jumpsuit!) but declined further comment.

Meghan McCain Visits New Museum Party