Morning Read: De Blasio Fallout, Bloomberg’s Apology, Kalikow’s Request

If Bill de Blasio stays off the ballot, Mark Green has a better chance of winning, says Sally Goldenberg.
De Blasio plans to appeal his removal.
On the bright side, he did get some endorsements from the Bronx.
Reader Insanity said removing de Blasio would set a bad precedent.
Michael Bloomberg’s girlfriend may join the board of Citigroup.
During his weekly radio show this morningBloomberg said he didn’t know his security cars were idling, which is against city rules. Bloomberg, also said, “I thoroughly apologize.”
Dee Richards recalls Bloomberg’s awkwardness when photographing him with a local GOP candidate.
A telephone pollster called Tom Wrobleski asking about Kenny Mitchell.
“[O]ur voters deserve the chance to choose between two candidates with clearly different records,” wrote Carolyn Maloney supporters in a letter to Kirsten Gillibrand.