Morning Read: Schumer Edges Toward Thompson, Critics Target Bloomberg, Markowitz Drinks


Chuck Schumer said he’ll endorse “the Democrat” in this year’s mayor’s race.

Teacher assistants hired by public-school parents are not allowed in school anymore.

Bill Perkins, Eric Adams, Hiram Monserrate and other Senate Democrats lashed out at Bloomberg over his comments on mayoral control.

They called Bloomberg a “dictator” and accused him of employing “plantation politics.”

NY1 has video from the event.

“Albany simply has too much power over New York City,” writes Ester Fuchs on Huffington Post.

Talking to unnamed campaign officials, the Post says that Bloomberg “benefits more politically the longer the controversy drags on.” New campaign ads are on the way.

Randi Weingarten is frustrated by the situation.

Dan Janison notes that Bloomberg won an extension of a lucrative teacher pension perk.

Maria Baez and James Sanders are the most frequently absent City Council members.

Republicans in Nassau make taxes an issue.

Chelsea Clinton is still unmarried.

Marty Markowitz doesn’t want the open-bottle law enforced when drinkers are on private property.

Bill Thompson wants to divest from Iran.

Cy Vance talks about opening local offices for the Manhattan district attorney.

It’s father versus son in the Westchester county executive race.

The incumbent, Andrew Spano, has raised four times as much as his Republican challenger, Robert Astorino.

A police officer who blew the whistle in the Abner Louima case is now accused of stealing doughnuts.

And pictured above is Al Sharpton, who endorsed Bill Thompson for mayor, at an event in Brooklyn on Saturday.