Morning Read: Yassky Defends His Bike Bill, Morgenthau Accuses Snyder of a Pander

Alan Chartock refers to Carolyn Maloney as “a far more accomplished legislator” than Kirsten Gillibrand, and “a woman of principle.”

Pete King’s rant about Michael Jackson gets some attention.

Blogger Stephen Rose is “defying” President Obama and supporting Carolyn Maloney.

Chris Cillizza can’t wait for Bill Clinton’s fund-raiser with Maloney.

Robert Morgenthau says Leslie Crocker Snyder is pandering to the father of a murder victim by promising to convene a grand jury for the crime.

David Yassky is accusing John Liu of sabotaging his bicycle legislation.

Readers have been debating Liu’s position on the bill.

Bill Thompson is invisible right now—all part of his strategy for defeating Bloomberg.

“While test scores in some cities have risen under mayoral control, it isn’t clear-cut that the governance structure has been the reason,” writes Lisa Caruso of National Journal.

In an editorial about Randi Weingarten, The Wall Street Journal refers to “modest reforms” in the city education system made during her tenure.

Steven Malanga writes Bloomberg is taxing too much, and hasn’t cut the city budget at all. Rather, he’s “merely slowing (slightly) its rate of growth.”

Get ready to read more Manhattan Institute folks in the New York Post.

Len Levitt says Michael Bloomberg’s claim that New York City is the safest big city in America is wrong, and that his administration purposely uses F.B.I. information in a way the agency prohibits.

Milk prices are too high, Eric Gioia says.

The Daily News editorial board is not done with Ann-Margaret Carrozza’s residency issue.

Dan Garodnick supporters make themselves known in the comments section.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg with Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro at a recent parade.

Morning Read: Yassky Defends His Bike Bill, Morgenthau Accuses Snyder of a Pander