Obama visits NJ today

Barack Obama's visit to New Jersey marks the fourth time a President has come to campaign for the re-election of an incumbent Governor.

Bill Clinton stumped for Jim Florio in 1993, Ronald Reagan for Thomas Kean in 1985, and Jimmy Carter for Brendan Byrne in 1977. Lyndon Johnson did not visit New Jersey when Richard Hughes ran for re-election in 1965, although the First Lady did join Hughes for a tour of a Head Start center in Newark. And Richard Nixon did not come to New Jersey in support of William Cahill, who lost the Republican primary to a White House ally, U.S. Rep. Charles Sandman.

In 1976, Carter and vice presidential candidate Walter Mondale campaigned in New Jersey while Byrne was in Japan trying to attract a Datsun plant to the state. But the Carter campaign cancelled another visit out of fear of an encounter with opponents of the state income tax. Gerald Ford carried the state by just 60,035 votes.