Ouch, It Hearst! Lydia Skips Her 4th of July Party; Gallstones Blamed

The door at the Social Life Estate party in Watermill on Saturday, July 4, was airport-security strict, allowing only 150 people inside. Guests circulating under the Art Deco–style lanterns strung around a large pool included Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon, clad in a white, floor-length dress; actors Parker Bagley and Nick Stahl (of The Terminator); editor Devorah Rose, wearing vintage Maggie Noris Couture, and publicist Kristian Laliberte.  But there was one very noticable absence: hostess Lydia Hearst.

Ms. Hearst had been struck by gallstones, Mr. Laliberte said. (Another source confirmed this, and added that it wasn’t the first time the young society belle had been thus afflicted. How painful!)

Actor Kellen Lutz, there with his date AnnaLynne McCord, bravely carried on with hosting duties. Later, some of the assembled drove to the Axe Lounge in Southampton for an after-party.