Ravitch + Paterson 2010 = ?

So, what does appointing Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor do for David Paterson’s re-election prospects next year?

Political consultant Joe Mercurio thinks it doesn’t help.

In an email, Mercurio said, “Richard Ravitch is a public servant who could not get elected mayor in NYC when he ran, and is not well known outside the city, so I would think his brand of cutting government services while increasing taxes, fares and fees will not be of help much in improving the governors chances at election time.”

Bill Cunningham, who worked for Hugh Carey, said it’s unclear, politically, what Ravitch brings to Paterson’s ticket.

Cunningham said in an email that the pick “leaves everything open but questionable at same time. Ravitch is a quality person, goal oriented, and not a threatening political figure. Generally seeks consensus as shown by his work for Governor Carey and the M.T.A.. But [he’s] not a household name around the state.”

Ravitch + Paterson 2010 = ?