The Pretty Boys of Hollywood Snip Their Feminine Bangs

Two weeks ago, the Observer wrote about the New Male Beauty, a strange cultural shift initiated (in all likelihood) by the Hollywood image factory that has made many of our young leading actors practically indistinguishable.

With their wide-set eyes, narrow noses, rounded jaw lines and carefully placed strands of layered hair, these faces, we said, have become eerily feminine. (See Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, and Ian Somerhalder in our slideshow.)

And because these actors have an almost identical look, they’ve even become interchangeable for various franchise films and romantic comedies. Could the actors’ handlers be taking note. Today Gatecrasher reported that Mr. Crawford and Mr. Efron have sudddenly, unexpectantly cut their “man-bangs” to be seen as more masculine, grown up actors. “When stars drastically change their image, it’s usually because they want better or more mature roles,” commented celebrity stylist Cecilia Care.

“There must have been a memo floating around Hollywood last weekend, ’cause they all flaunted their new ’dos for the Fourth,” Gatecrasher speculated.

Yes, perhaps.


The Pretty Boys of Hollywood Snip Their Feminine Bangs