The Week in DVR: Ricky Gervais Goes Ghost and Showgirls Remind Us Why Bad Movies Are Sometimes So Good

Monday: Ghost Town
Does anyone do misanthropy better than Ricky Gervais? The acerbic star—who will be seen cutting people down in September’s The Invention of Lying—makes hating on humanity seem not only appealing, but actually kinda normal. Ghost Town, his first foray as a lead actor in a feature film, came and went without much more than a whimper last fall, which is a shame, since it’s one of the more bittersweet (with the emphasis firmly on bitter) romantic comedies to come around in some time. Basically a remake of Topper, Ghost Town manages to illicit real emotions without ever resorting to cliché. Keep an eye on Greg Kinnear, never better, doing the best Cary Grant impersonation this side of George Clooney. [Cinemax, 10 p.m.]

Tuesday: Warehouse 13
If you can’t wait until Fringe returns for season two on Sept. 17, then you might want to give Warehouse 13 a whirl. The new SyFy Channel series from some of the people behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica, stars Eddie McClintock (Bones, Desperate Housewives) and Joanne Kelly (The Dresden Files) as two F.B.I. agents banished to South Dakota to work in the spooky “Warehouse 13,” a large hanger that houses supernatural artifacts (think: the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark). Expect sexual tension and silly science; don’t expect Joshua Jackson. [SyFy, 9 p.m.]

Wednesday: The Edge
Here’s a long-forgotten gem that reminds us that Alec Baldwin used to be a movie star. Go figure! Mr. Baldwin and Sir Anthony Hopkins star as two men stranded in the woods after a plane crash who also just so happen to be in love with the same woman—Sir Anthony’s wife, here portrayed by supermodel Elle McPherson. Needless to say, differences occur. The testosterone in The Edge is pitched high thanks to a tight script from David Mamet, and there are many scenes of the white-knuckle variety. And, hey, if that doesn’t sound good to you, there’s always Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost!) in a brief-but-excellent appearance as future bear food. [Starz Edge, 5 p.m.]

Thursday: The Office
With the ability to watch our favorite shows on DVD and the Internet anytime we want, summer reruns don’t have nearly as much cachet as they did when we were kids. But, thanks to NBC, we can party like it’s 1989 all over again with their Thursday night reruns of both The Office and 30 Rock! This week brings one of our favorite episodes of the former show from this past season—“Lecture Circuit,” written by Mindy Kaling, which features Michael and Pam road-tripping to other Dunder Mifflin branches. Ms. Kaling—who plays the always-hilarious Kelly Kapoor on the series—is such an effortlessly funny writer that we’re more than a little upset no studio has snatched her up to write a movie. Or 10. At least NBC was smart enough to sign her to develop a comedy series. Say what you will about the network, but they definitely know funny women when they see them. [NBC, 8:30 p.m.]

Friday: Showgirls
Fact: Joe Eszterhas got paid $2 million to write the script for Showgirls, which features such amazing turns of dialogue as “Is there something wrong with your nipples?” Easily one of the worst movies ever, Showgirls needs to be watched every so often, just to remind you what fun a bad movie can really be. That exploitative Showgirls is airing on “WMax,” a channel described as providing “women with movie choices they can appreciate,” is an irony we hope is not lost on the people at Cinemax. [WMax, 3:15 a.m.]

The Week in DVR: Ricky Gervais Goes Ghost and Showgirls Remind Us Why Bad Movies Are Sometimes So Good