Thompson Questions City’s Graduation Rates, Wolfson Calls Findings ‘Phony’

Bill Thompson is out with a report questioning the city’s public school graduation and drop-out rates. Thompson is also comparing the agency running the schools to Enron.
“[T]he New York City DOE has become the Enron of American education, showing the gains and hiding the losses,” Thompson said at a press conference just now in his office at 1 Centre Street.
“At a time when Mayor Bloomberg and the School’s Chancellor boast about graduation rates, this audit serves as a reality check: the Department of Education cannot demonstrate that all graduates earned their diplomas.”
Thompson said his office looked at the transcript of 197 recent high school graduate and found 19 of them, roughly 10 percent “had neither the required number of course credits overall, nor had passed the required Regents exams necessary to graduate.