Tinsley Mortimer’s Hamptons Plans Include ‘A Lot of Meat’

At Tinsley Mortimer and Elizabeth Meigher’s pre-4th of July party at the Samantha Thavasa boutique on Wednesday, July 2, socialites admired Ms. Mortimer’s handbag designs while discussing weekend plans for the forthcoming mass exodus out of the city.

“I’m either going to to Bridgehampton or my place in the Adirondacks,” Ms. Meigher said. “We have a small family island with no phone and no TV in the Adirondacks. If I go to the Hamptons—I usually go to house parties.”

Carrying one of her designs, the Kivi bag for Samantha Thavasa, Ms. Mortimer said she will be celebrating out of the country. “I’m going to London and then I’m going to Paris to go to the couture shows. I just really wanted to go to the Dior couture show!” she said, “My sister will be there. But I’ll be back in August – back to the Hamptons!” Once she returns to the Stateside social hub, Ms. Mortimer anticipates “barbecuing, hot dogs, hamburgers—a lot of meat! I feel like whenever I’m out there I eat a lot of meat. White wine and grilling, and fun beachy Hamptons moments.”

Playboy Luigi Tadini, however, is staying put. “Playboy? I think I appreciate enjoying my life, but I don’t know if I would qualify myself as a playboy,” he said, in between bisous with leggy ladies. “If I’m considered a playboy, then Tinsley is definitely a playboy!” As for his weekend plans: “I’m going out to Southampton. It’s been like Vietnamese monsoon season in New York, so hopefully it will be nice and I’ll be able to sit poolside. … I never really do the club scene there. Like a true Brazilian, I like to sit by the pool, have a caipirinha, listen to a little bossa nova, just be with friends. I think we do enough of this,” he nodded toward the crowd, “in the city.”

Publicist Kristian Laliberte is looking forward to partying with stars at the Social Life Estate in Watermill. “I will be with Lydia Hearst and Kellan Lutz from Twilight,” he said excitedly. “We’ll have [Lilybug’s pick-up scooter service], so people can get as wasted as they want. I mean, I think that’s what America’s about, you know? Let’s celebrate America.”


Tinsley Mortimer’s Hamptons Plans Include ‘A Lot of Meat’