Aborn Seeks CompStat-Like Program for D.A. Office, Answers a Spitzer Question

Richard Aborn just rolled out his plan to create a CompStat-like program for the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Standing next to former police commissioner and supporter Bill Bratton, Aborn said currently there is no “centralized repository of data” at the district attorney’s office, making it unclear what was working and what wasn’t.

I asked Aborn what he thought of Eliot Spitzer raising money for one of his opponents. (A planned August 5 fund-raiser for Cy Vance was canceled after a protest was announced by the madam connected to the prostitution ring Spitzer patronized.)

“You know, I think when you’re a candidate for D.A., it is always very important to avoid any appearance of impropriety. We very carefully vet locations where we do press conferences at and individuals we do them with,” Aborn said.

Aborn said he would not have done a fund-raiser with Spitzer.