Amelia Lester, 26 Year Old Former Fact Checker, is the New Managing Editor of The New Yorker

The New Yorker has hired Amelia Lester, most recently an editor at the Paris Review, as their new managing editor.

Ms. Lester, 26, a Sydney native who graduated from Harvard, used to be a fact-checker at The New Yorker and checked all-star writers Sy Hersh and Jane Mayer.

She’s replacing Kate Julian, who is moving to Washington, D.C., where her husband just got a job.

In other transacational New Yorker news: Charles Stanley Ledbetter, the New Yorker‘s receptionist who was kicked out of his job after Conde Nast fired 13 remaining editorial receptionists earlier this month, will be taking a job in the magazine’s fiction department.

Editor David Remnick has the luxury of making these moves without worrying about what McKinsey consultants think about them. As we reported first, Mr. Remnick is exempt from meeting with the McKinsey folks who are now in their sixth week at 4 Times Square.

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