Hey, Hey Hargitay: Famous Moms Splash into Water Mill for Super Swag-turday

“I keep being surprised by how beautiful it is out here,” the actress Edie Falco said as she cooled off inside of the air-conditioned VIP tent at “Super Saturday,” the Brobdingnagian benefit in Water Mill benefitting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund on Saturday, August 1. “I can’t believe I grew up in a place that is so stunning, that has such natural beauty. Literally, my breath is taken away.”
The Pinkberry yogurt was oozing, the ponies were prancing in nearby fields and infinite racks of designer labels had been discounted to sample sale prices, whoo-hoo!  “Are they the sickest shoes you’ve ever seen in your life?” asked Dina Lohan. Ms. Lohan had snagged a pair of stunning raffia wedges at the Valentino booth and was rifling around for her prize among a cartoonish heap of shopping bags. “Score!” she said.
Co-hosting was eternally perky Kelly Ripa. “I love it here,” she said. Her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, handed her a bottled water. “Mark and I love the sunsets,” Ms. Ripa said, the lilt of  a slight British accent creeping into her voice. “It’s sort of—well, we don’t do anything here.”
Somewhere between a psychic and the Tate’s Cookie outpost there was a swarm of tiny activity under a large tent. “Love the summer out in the Hamptons!” chirped Lyss Stern, author of If You Give a Mom a Martini and CEO of Divalysscious Moms, which organizes glam, child-friendly charitable events, as a seersucker-clad tot toddled by.
Heading out the door to take her own tyke for their daily afternoon dip, a bronzed and beaming Mariska Hargitay hollered over her shoulder: “It’s a perfect place here, these Hamptons!” A man, presumably her husband, was laden with their overstuffed goodie bag.
And there was stylist Rachel Zoe in a breezy Gaulthier caftan. “Trying to keep cool but it’s not working,” Ms. Zoe said. So how does she keep cool? “I don’t. Unfortunately, coming out here I’ve tried to take a vacation the last two weeks, and I ended up working every minute of every day.”
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, however, was taking time away from his Type A persona. “I love being here. And I love it particularly for the golf,” he said. “I mean it’s just wonderful. There’s a lot of time to relax.”