Only for My Yorkies, Kids: Adams Plans Show for ASPCA

This fall, New York Post celebrity gossip chronicler Cindy Adams will debut a one-woman show, Only in New York, in her palatial Park Avenue penthouse, formerly the home of tobacco heiress Doris Duke. All proceeds from the $250 tickets will go to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). “That’s where my heart is,” Ms. Adams explained to the Transom. “My Yorkies sort of run my life. If they could pay maintenance, they would get my apartment in my will!” Hey, that didn’t stop Leona Helmsley. …

The inspiration for Ms. Adams’ show? “Everyone always asks how I get my stories, who’s wonderful, who’s the biggest pain in the ass,” she said, “so we thought, ‘Why don’t I just talk for an hour?’” The show will include “some little anecdotes” from Ms. Adams’ decades of celebrity gossip hounding, “maybe a little about Hillary [Clinton], a little about Donald Trump. …” 

Ms. Adams called the show a “maybe, maybe not” scenario. It will depend on how willing guests are to fork over $250, even if it includes a pre-show tour of the apartment, and a post-show Q&A session. “If the world clamors, if everyone comes from all over the world to fly to America to come see me for an hour, who knows, but I’m not necessarily a Broadway name,” Ms. Adams admitted. 

Still, Ms. Adams said the show is “getting bigger than we ever thought it would be.” She anticipates that some of her higher-profile friends will be in the audience: “Barbara Walters, Judge Judy, these are my people!” she said.