Open First Seeds: NYC Is Good for One Thing and One Thing Only

Every year, come Open time, journalists ask tennis players from all over the world what they’re planning to do now that they’re here. Will they take in some art at the Met? Go for a walk in Central Park? Go clubbing?

And their answer is invariably something that they could do, well, anywhere. “Staying downtown Manhattan you always have shopping. If you make some cash, you can go and spend some.” That’s Dinara Safina.

Lest the men be considered less label-houndish than the ladies, Roger Federer, Safina’s counterpart at no. 1, was asked during the French portion of his multilingual presser what his “divertissements” were while in the city. He may have mentioned a musical, but “faire du shopping” took pride of place.

Tennis stars, give us a try! We’re more than Hollister, we promise!