Paterson Not Concerned About All That Bad Polling

David Paterson said he would be more concerned about his bad poll numbers, but there are simply too many polls for him to care. Paterson also said that anyone who wants his job is “going to have to answer the same questions that we’re answering right now” instead of sitting “on the beach chairs.”

Paterson was fielding a question from a television reporter this afternoon at an event in northern Manhattan where he joined Michael Bloomberg in announcing the start of a local housing project. The reporter asked Paterson about the latest poll, from Quinnipiac this weekend, showing the governor trailing prospective challenger Andrew Cuomo in next year’s race for governor.

The reporter asked what Paterson made of those results and whether they gave him any “pause” in his reelection efforts.

“No, but where there is no pause is [in] the seemingly excessive printing of political polls,” Paterson said.

“If there were one or two, I might have actually thought about it, but because there are 50, I’m finding it curiously odd” that there is this “constant discussion of political polling going back 18 months before the previous election. So it makes me resolved, more resolved, to make sure that the public, not the pollsters, dictate the result of the next election.”

Paterson went on, “The other issue is that when you’re addressing the types of problems that executives all over the country are, with 48 of the 50 states now facing deficits, New York is nowhere where California is, it’s nowhere where Michigan is, it’s nowhere where Pennsylvania is, it’s nowhere where Massachusetts is.”

“I think anyone who is interested in running for governor, they’re going to have to answer the same questions that we’re answering right now. While they’re on the beach chairs, I’m sure they’ll be doing all right.”