Paterson’s Court Friends, Skelos’ Court Friends

ALBANY—Groups and scholars on both sides of the court case related to the constitutionality of David Paterson’s appointment of Richard Ravitch have filed amicus briefs ahead of a court hearing August 17.

The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a brief last week supporting the governor’s position–that Ravitch’s appointment is appropriate according to the Public Officers law. As did two good-government groups that first publicly floated the idea of appointing Ravtich–the Citizens’ Union and Common Cause–using Columbia Law School Professor Richard Briffault as their author. Briffault was also advising Paterson on his legal strategy.

A brief was filed supporting Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos’ position is a group of four individuals, most of whom have spoken out in opinion submissions on the topic. They are Stan Lundine, who served as lieutenant governor under Mario Cuomo; Michael Hutter from Albany Law School; Peter Galie from Canisius College and Gerald Benjamin from SUNY New Paltz.