Siegel, of the Siegel Campaign, Hires Oliva, Formerly of the Gioia Campaign

Here’s a little bit more about Norman Siegel beefing up his campaign operation by signing on with Hank Sheinkopf.

“Michael Oliva will act as Sheinkopf’s senior strategic adviser to the Siegel campaign,” the campaign said.

That’s the same Michael Oliva who recently parted ways with another public advocate candidate, Eric Gioia, over strategic differences.

“I like him because being public advocate is the only job he’s interested in. The other candidates seem to see this office as a stepping stone for higher aspirations,” Oliva said, echoing a major talking point of his candidate.

“With Norman, it’s all about helping the people, and making the office a better vehicle with which to do so. Above all, I respect his sincerity, and I believe the voters will too.”

The latest hiring is also a slap at Mark Green, whom Sheinkopf tried to help elect to attorney general in 2006. And the move also brings Siegel closer to Michael Bloomberg, who hired Sheinkopf earlier and has been unexpectedly collegial to Siegel.