State Senate Not Planning Much For Thursday

ALBANY—It’s looking like a bare-bones agenda for the State Senate on Thursday.

The Democratic leaders met last night, sources said, and talked about items could be considered during a session Thursday that is expected to be brief. (It’s not known if all 62 senators will even show up.)

Legislators will take up a bill already passed by the Assembly reauthorizing mayoral school control, as well as four chapter amendments to create outside advisory councils and a parent training academy.

According to a source familiar with the agenda, senators will also act on the nominations of Dennis Rosen to chair the State Liquor Authority and Mark Cohen, a court of claims judge on Long Island whose nomination was a flashpoint when it was considered last month. Senators will also, according to the source, take up two judiciary bills: one increasing the number of family court judges and another allowing electronic service of some documents.

Not on the list: a bill legalizing same-sex marriage (this will supposedly be on the docket in September), the nomination of Jay Walder to lead the M.T.A. and other tenant protection measures.