Stringer: We Can Have a Primary and Still Beat Giuliani

There’s a lack of consensus as to what impact a prospective Rudy Giuliani gubernatorial candidacy has on Democrats. Do they become more reluctant to undermine Governor David Paterson, who has announced he plans to run next year, or does it push Democrats to the more popular Andrew Cuomo sooner rather than later?

Borough President Scott Stringer thinks the answer, maybe, should be neither.

“Going back to 1974 when they enacted the September primary, Howard Samuels. Hugh Carey. Everyone said, ‘Oh my god, it’s going to be a September primary, no one’s going to win.’ Carey beat Samuels 60-40 in the primary. It was pretty divisive. Carey goes on to win in the post-Rockefeller era, beats Malcolm Wilson, the lieutenant governor . That was after Watergate, but that was starting in 1974. You then look at ’78, Carey runs again, beats Duryea. Right. So, we’ve had turmoil and whatever but we end up winning because of issues. It really sounds corny, but it’s true. We always win when we govern well.”