AMC Renews Mad Men for 4th Season

AMC executives announced today that they have greenlit a fourth season of the cable network’s hit series Mad Men.

Since its first season, Mad Men has been catnip to critics. And recently, the series has been putting up big numbers. Its third season debut on Sunday, August 16, attracted some 4.5 million viewers–some of whom appear a tad obsessive about the series.

More from today’s release:

“We always saw the potential for ‘Mad Men’, and believed in and supported the series because of our strategy of developing cinematic television that complements our library of the most entertaining movies, from every genre, on television. It’s been extremely gratifying to see the show develop in to such a pop-cultural phenomenon with such a passionate fan base,” said Charlie Collier, president and general manager of AMC. “With this early fourth season renewal, we’re excited to let our audience know the captivating world of Sterling Cooper will be back on AMC again next year.”