Bloomberg on the Importance of the Billie Jean King Endorsement

I caught up with Michael Bloomberg last night as he walked into Arthur Ashe Stadium with Billie Jean King, who endorsed him for a third term yesterday.

What exactly did that endorsement mean to him?

“I don’t think there’s anybody that the public has as much trust and confidence in–her judgement,” said a beaming Mr. Bloomberg. “Billie Jean knows one thing more than anything else. People. She knows tennis and how to be a great business person too, but if there is anyone who personifies the word genuine it is the person standing next to me.”

Ms. King touched his arm and said, “That’s so nice.”

Real estate developer and Association for a Better New York chairman Bill Rudin was standing a few feet away and was snapping pictures of Bloomberg and Billie Jean King with his BlackBerry.

We wondered: Does Mr. Bloomberg have any tennis game to speak of?

He told us that, for now, he’s sticking with golf. “To Billie Jean’s annoyance,” he said.