Bloomberg’s Tracker

Here’s Erica.

She filmed the entirety of Bill Thompson’s press conference outside of City Hall just now. She also filmed another Thompson event at City Hall last week. Thompson campaign people say she’s also been out in Brooklyn filming their events.

Not that they’re complaining. One Thompson aide said he just wish she’d admit she’s from the Bloomberg campaign.

After today’s event, I introduced myself to her, and asked if she’s from the Bloomberg campaign. Erica said she does help them out, but that she was at the event on her own. She did not give her last name.

Tracking your opponent is a perfectly legitimate part of campaigning. So is pointing the trackers out.

Any other good tracker stories out there, let me know.

UPDATE: An interested reader sends over this image of Thompson’s tracker, Barry Weinberg, who is a policy intern on the campaign.

Bloomberg’s Tracker